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‘The force that marks the routine’: positioning my photographic practice

The notion of truth in photography can be examined according to three photographic functions (Short, 2011: 11-19): recording of truth (literal depiction to create a sense of personal history or identity), telling a story (documentary), constructing altered realities (decontextualized and re-presented reality). I had always convinced myself that my photography fell into the first two categories; I’m not so sure now… Here is a first attempt at positioning my photographic practice among my contemporaries. Read More →

Photographic practice: where do I start?

Newbury and McCauley claim that little attention has been paid to photographic practice, with much theoretical discourse revolving around the images themselves rather than how they were produced. For Newbury (1997), this means that the ‘doing’ is missing from the discourse while for McCauley (2008), it is the complexities of the ‘labor’ involved which are lost. Read More →