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We Real Cool

The #RealCoolNCATBS photographic competition was a good opportunity to open my super deluxe limited edition of Push The Sky Away. The white carton box had been sitting on my shelf for a few months now. I couldn’t bring myself to break the seal, as the exhilaration of discovering was stronger than the knowing what was inside. But tonight is an exciting time. I have decided to enter the #RealCoolNCATBS photographic competition: ‘share a picture of what this track means to you’. Read More →

‘Context and narrative’

It seems that photographs are taken most seriously when they have a clear narrative conveying a well-thought out concept; when each photograph that we dare present to the public or our esteemed peers has undergone obsessive scrutiny; when our images have been carefully selected for their size, their shape, their sequencing and constructed meanings and symbols; when the function and purpose of our photographs prescribe our practice. But why? Read More →

‘Kicking Against The Pricks’: photographing Nick Cave

I was so pleased that Nick Cave allowed photographers in the pit for one song only. A practice that, had it been another artist and had I been given a photo-pass, I would have probably been annoyed at, truth be told. Of course, how are we supposed to do our job in six minutes? But what kind of job is this anyway? Read More →