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Sorting out my EOTR photos: ‘What gives this mess some grace…’

‘What gives this mess some grace unless it’s kicks, man, unless it’s fiction’

Okkervil River (Sheff, 2007)

Let’s get the numbers out of the way… 800 average shots per memory card and five cards over three days… that would make 4,000 photos… 4,000 shots and only 46 have ended up posted online under the banner ‘End Of The Road Festival 2013’. How come some ended up in the final selection and others didn’t? Read More →

Photographing Simone Felice

What we witnessed on the night, embodied in Simone Felice’s performance, was as Guibert (1981) and Arnaux and Marie (2005) wrote: ‘something beautiful, too beautiful’; ‘if the image had been taken, it would probably be framed – untrue – unreal’; ‘this text is the despair of the image, and worse than a blurred and hazy image: a ghost image’; ‘where aesthetics are sought, meaning is lost’. What I saw, listened to, felt, and photographed on the night cannot be easily pieced together with images, and in fact, with words either: Fragile and passionate vocals, precise musical arrangements, lean yet sensuous arms, banter and wit, laughter and tears… Read More →