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Photographing Simone Felice

What we witnessed on the night, embodied in Simone Felice’s performance, was as Guibert (1981) and Arnaux and Marie (2005) wrote: ‘something beautiful, too beautiful’; ‘if the image had been taken, it would probably be framed – untrue – unreal’; ‘this text is the despair of the image, and worse than a blurred and hazy image: a ghost image’; ‘where aesthetics are sought, meaning is lost’. What I saw, listened to, felt, and photographed on the night cannot be easily pieced together with images, and in fact, with words either: Fragile and passionate vocals, precise musical arrangements, lean yet sensuous arms, banter and wit, laughter and tears… Read More →

Photographing The Felice Brothers

Thursday night I went to see and photograph The Felice Brothers at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire. I had photographed them before on two occasions: In 2010 at the End Of The Road festival and in 2012 at The Haunt in Brighton. In 2012, I was lucky enough to speak to the Brothers before the concert. They all signed my photo of Jimmy resting on his accordion which I had taken in 2010. It was a wonderful moment. I told them how much I love their music – that all too rare and magical contact between a fan and their favourite artists will remain as vivid in my memory as if it had happened last night. Sadly on the night the Brother’s glow was under serious threat. As mysterious and extraordinary as a firefly, the Brothers’ glow survived, probably because I believed in its mysterious powers. Yet, all conspired to take the magic away. Read More →