Mon miroir, ma clef d’or, mon cheval et mon gant

My first international exhibition was part of the 2012 Rencontres d’Arles (France), in which I exhibited four photographs of internationally acclaimed popular music artists: Lykke Li, Peter Murphy, Micah P Hinson and Dan Mangan. At the exhibition preview, I spoke with curator Vanja Karas and it quickly became apparent that it was my photograph of Peter Murphy who got me in the final of the Photography Open Salon 2012. Vanja, as she confided, is a ‘big fan’ of his music.

Ask any music fan who has greeted their favourite artist come onstage with a loud roar or silent tears of joy, ask them to tell you about this precious moment in their lives – they might not be able to say much more than a few superlatives to start with. Yet, as their face lighten up and they start telling you about the concert itself you realise that it must have been a big deal for them. The actual recounting of the lived experience and the excitement in the voice of the fan lead you to appreciate the magnitude of the moment they witnessed and were part of. Some of them may even have taken photographs of the concert, but they felt the images rarely matched the memory of the concert. Ask them or ask me because I am that fan.

peter murphy_0265

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