About this blog

Much is being written about photography and much is being written about popular music, yet the first-hand experience of the fan at a concert or at home jumping for joy or weeping in sadness at seeing their favourite artist come onstage or delivering their most sincere performance, it must not be forgotten about. These precious moments and feelings must be recovered, cherished, and looked after.

I’ve taken photographs of concerts for over twenty-two years. I turn up at a gig, point my camera at the stage and shoot, go home, sort out my photographs and upload some of them on my website. Of course many years ago, I had my negatives developed; I printed my photographs in a darkroom and used them to produce a music fanzine with my friends. I now realise that a photograph is the result of a long series of questions and decisions, some of them unconscious – others deliberate.

Keeping in line with the researcher’s diary or the artist’s sketchbook, this blog aims to record my observations and thoughts about what I do as a photographer; about the creative process of my making and displaying photographs as I’m making sense of it. ‘Writingaboutphotography’ also enables others to observe how my research unfolds, through my descriptions of photographic events, enmeshed with autoethnographic accounts and theoretical reflections. Of course, everyone is invited to step into the monologue to critique, ask questions, or suggest further reading.

The work on this blog is published under a very specific Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC 3.0). For more information about this license, please see below in the footer.

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