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Photographing Eef Bazerlay: With all my heart

‘Give back what you took from me’

A game of give and take: The artist gives the song – the fan received it, takes it and appropriates it. This is exactly what I did with the song ‘With all my heart’ a little while back: Read More →


We Real Cool

The #RealCoolNCATBS photographic competition was a good opportunity to open my super deluxe limited edition of Push The Sky Away. The white carton box had been sitting on my shelf for a few months now. I couldn’t bring myself to break the seal, as the exhilaration of discovering was stronger than the knowing what was inside. But tonight is an exciting time. I have decided to enter the #RealCoolNCATBS photographic competition: ‘share a picture of what this track means to you’. Read More →

Mon miroir, ma clef d’or, mon cheval et mon gant

My first international exhibition was part of the 2012 Rencontres d’Arles (France), in which I exhibited four photographs of internationally acclaimed popular music artists: Lykke Li, Peter Murphy, Micah P Hinson and Dan Mangan. At the exhibition preview, I spoke with curator Vanja Karas and it quickly became apparent that it was my photograph of Peter Murphy who got me in the final of the Photography Open Salon 2012. Vanja, as she confided, is a ‘big fan’ of his music. Read More →